Tips to get your credit application approved

Tips to get your credit application approved
Tips to get your credit application approved

For those of you who do not have a credit card or are still having difficulty applying for a credit card, here are some tips that you can follow to get your credit application approved, besides good credit score from :

-Payroll bank

Choose the bank where you keep the money and the bank that distributes your salary. The bank will ask for a paycheck as proof you have the same amount of income each month. Usually banks will consider approving credit card applications against their own customers.

-Pay attention to cash flow

Keep the traffic in your account for the last three months running smoothly and greatly? You can do tricks to buy high valuables, such as TV, smartphone, laptop, or vehicle with auto debit. From the cash flow the bank will see your financial ability.

-Pay off Debt smoothly

If you have credit debt, try never too late pay off. The bank will analyze your financial condition. Bad credit will be an important consideration in credit card submission. The bank will not approve the credit card application if the person has a bad credit record.

-Dana settles

Keep funds that have settled in your account in large numbers over the last six months. You can also deposit some of your money in the bank. This will be a consideration of the bank in viewing your financial ability.

-Completeness of data

Fill out the required form completely, especially address and home phone number. This is to facilitate the bank in performing data verification. Keep your home using fixed line phone, this is very helpful to the bank. The fixed line phone is generally postpaid which is clearly registered who the owner is. So it’s more reliable than mobile phones. Likewise with office phones and relatives who are not as close to home can be reached. If your home and office phone are hard to reach, the bank can immediately refuse your credit card application