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The development of the film

The development of the film has traveled long enough to eventually become like a movie in the present that is rich in effects, and very easy to get as a medium of entertainment. The development of the film began when the use of kinetic tool findings Thomas Alpha Edison which at that time used by the individual audience. The early film was still mute and colorless. Movie screenings in theaters for the first time were conducted in the early 20th century, until the first Hollywood film industry, even to this day rule the global film industry globally.

In 1927 the technology was qualified enough to produce a talk film whose dialogue could be heard directly, but still black and white. Until 1937 film technology was able to produce color films that are more interesting and followed by a story line that became popular. In the 1970s, films could be recorded in mass quantities using videotapes that were then sold. The 1980s invented laser disc technology, then VCD and then overtook DVD technology. Until now a more practical digital movie much in favor so that increasingly makes the popularity of the film increases and the film becomes closer to the modern society. Nowadays, people like to download film that they like via online