Some side effects from watching too much movies online

Television viewing is a fun activity for everyone, including children. Watching television for children becomes one of the activities in the house that can be done while sitting, lying down even while playing a cell phone.

For some parents, television is considered a powerful tool in handling fussy children, eating difficult, bored and others. Parents assume that by providing television facilities for children at home can help themselves ‘care for’ their children at home. This is not helping parents in childcare, but will create new problems.

New problems arising from parents letting their children watch television without supervision, among others:

  1. The child becomes lazy to move

Watching television, especially when lying down, makes children lazy to move. He would be lazy to move from his place with the excuse that he would not miss his favorite television program.

  1. Children begin to imitate bad behavior

The behavior shown by the characters, both animated and human, cannot all be properly understood by children. There are behaviors that are inappropriate to look at, the child then imitates without being digested again.

  1. Children are susceptible to disease

Children who regularly watch television tend to be attacked by several diseases, such as obesity. This is because the child is lazy to move, so eating, drinking milk, sleeping in front of the television due to being obese. In addition the eyes also experience interference, this is because the child’s eyes are left to watch television excessively.

  1. The child becomes lazy to learn

When children are in school age, watching television without supervision results in children becoming lazy to learn. All you want to do is watch television.

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