Why are People rejected by Credit Card Application?

People with Bad Credit History is often rejected by credit card application. As mentioned earlier that one of the most influencing things in the fund submission process is your credit history that is not so good. This can be checked in the Central Bank checking system, where you can see each customer of each Bank in several categories. If you are in one of three categories with a bad history, of course this will have an impact on your difficulty in funding. Moreover if you are in the category of blacklist. In this case, you will certainly not be able to apply for borrowing of funds, unsecured loans, or purchases with the credit system.

Few Things that Cause Credit Card Application Rejected

Over Limit Credit Card Usage also play a role. Some people usually use a credit card to pay monthly bill payment installments. However, some people sometimes do not pay much attention to the limit of the credit card. This can result in the use of your credit card beyond a predetermined limit or more often referred to as over limit. This will be a consideration by the Bank in accepting your loan application.

Unclear Documents is not good. In addition to some of the above, there are also other things that can make the failure of money lending to the Bank. One of them is the lack of clarity in the provision of the required documents.

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