Foods that can trigger melatonin production

Foods that can trigger melatonin production

Foods that can trigger melatonin production

After eating, you may experience drowsiness caused by the content of tryptophan (tryptophan) in what you eat.
When it reaches the brain, tryptophan triggers the production of the hormone melatonin that stimulates relaxation.
In addition to tryptophan, carbohydrates and calcium also affect the release of melatonin.
Here are some foods that can trigger melatonin production with usage melatonin for toddlers.
1. Foods Containing Tryptophan: Poultry meat, especially turkey, has a high amount of tryptophan content. Tryptophan is also found in dairy products and soybeans, such as cheese, milk, soy milk, tofu, and cheese. Other foods high in tryptophan include whole grains, nuts, and eggs.
2. High Carbohydrate Foods: Carbohydrates themselves do not trigger melatonin production, but trigger insulin production. Insulin is important in the production process of melatonin because it allows tryptophan to more easily reach the brain as well as inhibit the production of amino acid tyrosine.
Tyrosine is a substance that causes the brain to send a “wake up” signal instead of a relaxation signal. If carbohydrates stimulate relaxation, the protein provides the opposite effect. That’s because, if you want to fall asleep, consume foods high in carbohydrates.
3. Foods Contain Calcium: Calcium helps the brain more effectively use tryptophan to produce melatonin, so even if it does not play a direct role but at least improve the process. Calcium is found mostly in dairy products and a number of foods such as orange juice and other foods that are added to calcium. Calcium is also available in supplement form. Just like carbohydrates, calcium triggers the release of melatonin by the brain 



Height of Karton Box

Height of Karton Box

Height of Karton Box

This is what not many people know, what is the relationship between the height of karton box and moving? If you move the house without involving others to pick up your goods, you should pay attention to the height of the box, because when you pick up the cardboard itself do not get in your way, or because it is too high, the items in it are more and more heavy so you have trouble lifting it but if you use the energy of others, let alone more than 1 person, then this point is not a hindrance, because it can be assisted by trolli and cardboard you can be lifted by 2 or more people.
Support elements (duct tape, stretch wrapping and bublewrap)?
Although the cardboard already has a corrugated layer that can protect the goods inside
But it’s good stuff you need bublewrap and stretch wrapping to be more secure. Bublewrap is used to protect your beloved items and stretch wrapping (special plasting wrapping for goods) is used to coat cardboard to protect from water less friendly to cardboard. Do not forget the large duct tape to attach cardboard and stretch wrapping.

Best snowshoes for outdoor adventures

Best snowshoes for outdoor adventures

Best snowshoes for outdoor adventures

These shoes are suitable for all heavy or light activities, from start walking in the city or in the jungle. This is because best snowshoes have ventilation and pads that make the feet can still feel comfortable. In addition, this type of shoes easily combined with any type of clothing.
When you walk in urban areas, this type of shoe is very suitable to wear because in addition to comfortable can be used also for stylish. Choose a suitable snow shoe on your feet and make sure it stability when used for long periods of time.
Snow Shoes are comfortable shoes in use when you are traveling in urban areas that generally tracks or terrain in the way of a flat road from asphalt or concrete. This type of shoe is very lightweight and comfortable for the use of walking.
Choose snow shoes made of synthetic leather or a soft and flexible fabric. Using these shoes can avoid your feet from friction due to friction when walking.
In the rental, this ski board is set with its ski bindings. If you buy new, boards and bindings can buy separately. Long-sized ski boards. The size we wear adjusted for height. Usually about high ski boards if standing as high as our nose. Binding can be adjusted based on our height and weight. There is a special graph for setting bindings.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

One of the problems that is quite complicated when going home using private cars is to organize luggage. Not infrequently carrying goods with comfort in the car cabin becomes a dilemma problem for travelers. Especially for cars that do not have a special luggage space such as sedans, carrying goods needs go back to the hometown very inconvenient. When all goods enter the cabin, means comfort will be reduced. Vice versa, if the congenital is reduced or not taken at all by best rooftop cargo carrier.

At times like this use a best rooftop cargo carrier and roof box in the car to be one way that makes sense, in addition to using a tarpaulin and tie it. However, the inappropriate use of roof rack will add to the problem. Leisure homecoming will be messy, even unsafe.

Therefore, understanding the function, type, capacity, and advantages and disadvantages of best rooftop cargo carrierto be selected is a must do. While there are still two weeks more before Al-Fitr Celebration, you can weigh it. So what should be considered? Here is the explanation modification department of Astra Motor’s dropout. Choose the right type of roof rack material. In general, the roof rack on the market is offered in two types of materials used. Each is of steel and aluminum material. Models made of steel have a stronger advantage. But this type weighs heavier. Of course this will affect the roof, so if the car body is not strong enough to be dangerous because the volume or quantity of goods carried is also limited. Meanwhile, the model is made of aluminum lighter. However, this type is not recommended to hold goods that are too heavy.Choose the right shape, there are two forms of roof rack that is currently circulating in the market. First, the two sides, namely the connection of pipes on the front and rear mounted parallel across the roof of the car. Second, four sides, namely on the front and rear as well as the left and right sides form a rectangle. Four-sided racks provide protection and maintain higher stability of goods. But this type has limited capacity and less flexible loading of goods.

The additional tips about Best Car Rooftop :

The Concept of Climbing the Mountain

Mountain climbing is an activity that anyone, whether male, female, children, and elderly can do it. Of course mountain climbing activities need special preparation, usually the mountain climbing paradigm is we are in the wild, in a place that is not commonly inhabited by humans.

Below are some tips for beginner climber and experienced climbers also. Mountain climbing activities are not just limited to trekking activities, take photographs at the top, then go down back to base camp. But there is a value that we can take which is the meaning of: living the paradigm of life, which means that in climbing the mountain we certainly want to get to the top despite going through various trials. This paradigm is similar to our true concept of life. In life, we want to reach the peak of life like a good career, high school, glorious achievement. Of course to achieve all that we will pass obstacles and trials. By climbing the mountain, we will understand this is the micro of our life in the real world.

In addition, many lessons we can take from mountain climbing such as withholding selfishness, teamwork, tolerance, mental and physical training.

Climbing the mountain is one of the hobby that increasingly popular and much-loved. Mountain climbing activities, like other outdoor activities, are always full of challenging, sometimes even extreme adventures.

Because of that, before making the climb, every climber must make a good preparation. Do not let activities that aim to gain experience and self-satisfaction this result that is detrimental to self climbers and nature. Get a good preparation then enjoy your mountain climbing activities well.

Simple Tips for Good Frying

Choosing a healthy cooking oil needs to get important attention, because until now fry food is a way of cooking that has become part of the tradition of society. The risks need to be minimized by choosing the right cooking oil.

Food frying processes there are two kinds, namely by stir-frying and frying with oil in large quantities. During the process of frying these foods, the oil will be absorbed into the food and partial dissolution of the food components to cooking oil used. There are: olive oil and also extra virgin olive oil.

The more smoke from the oil used, it shows the chemical structure has changed, so it can cause adverse effects on the body such as obesity and also carcinogenic.

Cooking oil types that is good for frying such as palm oil, corn oil, and soybean oil. As for sauté food, you should use Canola oil.

For those who care about family health at home can provide 3 types of oil at home, which are distinguished for frying, sautéing, or making a salad.

In addition to the type of oil, when frying food should also pay attention to the temperature of the oil that should not be under the boiling point of water temperature but also more than 200 degrees Celsius, or the most ideal is 163-196 degrees Celsius.

The use of this oil temperature will determine the fat absorbed into the food. When frying in low temperatures then the fat absorbed will be more.

2 Tips for Baby to Have Good Sleep

What is a good and right sleep position for the baby? Position can be selected depending on the condition of the baby so that he/she sleeps soundly and good for the health and growth of the baby.

1. The Prone Position
Sleeping on his stomach is debatable. The risk of danger is more common in babies who sleep on their stomach.

But there is literature that says that babies feel more comfortable and sleep soundly, breathing and movement development better. It could be because the baby feels like being cuddled or warm because the stomach attaches to the mattress.

You can choose this position if he/she feels comfortable sleeping soundly, but must be kept under surveillance to prevent if her baby’s mouth or nose is covered with something that may block her breathing.
Stomach can also make the baby’s head shape to be better.

2.Right Side Position
Sleeping on the right side is preferred by premature babies, especially babies who drink using a hose or still use breathing apparatus. The purpose of this sloping sleep so that the process of emptying the stomach easier.
This position is most common for infants aged 0-3 months, he/she has not been able to roll his body, and this position is the safest sleep position, only if the baby’s head will be flat on the back because it is constantly depressed.

You can choose the sleeping position your baby loves, if he/she feels comfortable and can sleep well. If you want a good head, the baby does not have to sleep on his tummy, babies can be onto tummies when waking up and are in a fun atmosphere and then play, can be done a few minutes or hours a day during the supervision of the mother.

If the bed is tilted, its position is set so that it does not face one direction continuously, do it alternately face to the right or left

7 Tips to Wash Clothing

Washing clothes is a common thing done by people to make clean and fragrant clothes, so it can be used again. If you want better results and cleaner and more sure then you should wash the clothes manually with your hand. How to wash clothes well and correctly?

1. Do not get too long soak your clothes in the detergent bath
If you are too long soak your shirt in the detergent liquid screen printing on your shirt will quickly be damaged. But if your shirt uses screen printing, then try if you soak the clothes into your detergent baths not to exceed the 30 minute number for fear it will happen.

2. Separate white color and other colors clothing
In washing t-shirts you try to separate first between the white fabric with shirts that use other colors such as green, yellow, red and others. Because the colored T-shirts are feared can be faded and splash into your white shirt.

3. Do not use hard brush
When you wash your shirt try not to use a hard brush to brush the shirt you wash, because it can damage the screen printing on your shirt. Here we further recommend if your shirt is not too dirty you just wash slowly

4. Dry Clothing Reversely
After you wash your t-shirt, try to dry your clothes by reversing it beforehand this is done because if we dry the shirt with the condition is not reversed the color of our shirts will quickly fade then of that when we hang our shirts should be dried upside down because it will avoid direct sunlight.

5. Do not use hanger when drying
In drying try also you do not use hanger to hang your shirt because hanger can make your shirt become wide or stretched.

6. Avoid Bleach
Try to avoid the use of bleach to wash your shirts, because bleach will very quickly make the color of your shirts fade because bleach basically contains very high chemical substances. Even if you have to use bleach to remove stains on your white t-shirts. You should use cotton buds or usually known as ear cleaners to apply bleach to your t-shirt. This is done so that bleach is not about the other parts that are not stained.

7. Avoid using washing machine if possible
In a good washing try to avoid the use of washing machine, because washing the washing machine has very much not good impact. We recommend you to wash your clothing manually or by hand only. Because if we use our hands will be easier to control itself and of course we can still be careful in washing it. Unlike if you use a washing machine, because the washing machine is a machine that only focuses on cleaning it is not in taking care of clothing.

6 Tips to Save the Budget while Traveling

Having a hobby for traveling could be a little bit costly. But of course, it is very difficult for not traveling. If you have tight budget, it very important to set the plan for the budget to satisfy the hobby.

Fortunately planning a trip can be also fitted to your budget. It depends on how you committed to manage the budget and planning the trip. Want to know how to set up a budget for a traveling?

Below are 6 tips to save budget during the trip:

1. Prepare a budget for transportation

The first thing, you need to arrange for the travel budget is the transportation cost. This budget is one of the important things when traveling, and especially to facilitate your journey.
The sooner you prepare the transportation ticket such as plane tickets, trains, and buses then you can get the best price for it. You can also compare the price on airline sites and travel sites.

2. Choose the accommodation that suit to you

There are so many accommodation options which is able on the internet. You have to find what accommodations are available and see the price matching in accordance with your travel budget.
Try not just look at hotels, but also look at comparisons in guest homes, condos, and more. You can also combine expensive and cheap accommodation for your trip.

3. The cost of eating

One of the cost which often make the over-budget is the cost of eating. Since you can prepare yourself the meal in the meal box, you can save money on this. Traveling could be fun also without eating a lot. But it you are food lover, you can try to do some research for the food or travel guide on the internet which can save you a lot of money.

4. Transportation costs.

The cost of transportation within a city is also an important thing to be prepared. You should prepare a budget for these transportation costs and research the costs of public transportation such as taxis and car rentals in the city. The type of transportation which available will be depend on where you will be visiting. It is very wise if you already know the transportation will be used and the estimated cost of the transportation.

6. Souvenirs

The souvenirs budget is depend on how much budget you have on the day. Many merchant sell souvenirs on the street or on the shopping malls, but if you have a tight budget, don’t force yourself to buy the souvenirs because traveling doesn’t always have to buy the souvenirs. If you love the souvenirs on the travel destination, try to compare on few merchant which selling the same thing.