New looks of Toyota 2018 car models

Toyota officially presents a new looks of the 2018 car models which are All New Rush 2018. After a dozen years of work, this new time Rush get a refresher means even take off the impression of a boxy form that has been attached.

But there are some who question, why the genre Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has been carried Rush looks shifting, flavored Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Even the style that is considered to be trying to take market Xpander, MPV taste SUV. Related to this Toyota Astra Motor dismissed him.

Toyota 2018 Car Models

Executive General Manager of TAM, said Rush is still a car that carries the SUV segment. “Customer has a choice, well there is a segment respectively. For this Rush we see baseball need to follow-up is (Xpander), we have to serve the customer a real SUV So if there is a change left-right, whether it will hit, yes back again customers have a choice, “he said , on the sidelines of the launch of All New Rush 2018, in Jakarta, Thursday, November 23, 2017.

He admitted Xpander does have a stylish form, such as that carried the latest Rush now. But all back to consumers, because Toyota just wants to multiply the choice for the community.

“I imagine the market has a lot of options, but the direction of the design direction is different.If Xpander look more stylish, there are more conventional but also functional, that’s Avanza.”

The presence of Mitsubishi Xpander on the market recognized Toyota did not make the Avanza unsteady. Although carrying a simpler design than Xpander, but the sale of the Avanza is said to remain stable.

Toyota mentions, Avanza monthly sales are still in the figure of 10 thousand units with model 1.3 manual transmission as the best-selling type.