What You Need for Distance Learning Education

Each school has its own student eligibility requirements, but there is no reason to expect them to be different for distance education. You must have a secondary school degree or GED. If English is your second language, a Test of English as a Foreign Language/ TOEFL, is usually required.

For online learning, you must have a reliable computer and internet connection. It is very important for success, because you are responsible for securing access to classes and courses. Always have a backup plan if your computer or connection fails.

Your emergency plan can be a friend’s computer, library, internet cafe, or Kinko – to rent computer access, just verify the location, hours of work, and previous fees. Some schools offer technical support to help you connect.

Check your distance learning education online university credentials thoroughly before registering. If you choose a school that is an online branch of a well-known traditional university, the work has been done for you by the history of the school that is known, and therefore you must take that path if possible.

The State Education Department maintains a database of recognized accreditation institutions, and that’s where your examination must begin. You are also advised to choose a non-profit school rather than an institution that expects to get money for your tuition.