How Many Calories in an Apple?


Apples are fruits that are often used on diet programs. Apples are also considered the healthiest fruit to be consumed as a substitute for rice. Calories in apples are so low that they can be consumed by those who want a calorie diet. Then how many calories in an apple? One apple has less than 100 calories. This amount is very little when compared to other foods such as rice which contains a lot of calories. While the average calorie needed by the body every day reaches 2000 calories. Everyone has different calorie needs depending on gender, age and activity. Men for example have greater caloric needs than women. Consumption of calories that exceed the need will make the sugar buildup in the body and cause obesity. Therefore many consider calories when eating. Apples are very low in calories so they can be a substitute for rice for breakfast. But not everyone is strong with one calorie apple, you still need extra calories. Apple calories can reach 63 kcal per apple. So this amount is very much less than other types of food. Apples are very healthy fruits that are also consumed every day.

The number of calories in apples is also affected by the weight of one apple. If you eat 100 grams of apples, it’s the same as you already ate 63 times. Apples also have many vitamins that are good for the body. You eat apples for a low-calorie diet because this fruit is quite effective for the diet. You can eat each apple so that your stomach feels fuller so you don’t need other foods. Apple calories are sought after by people because they are believed to be able to help with a diet program. Usually apples are consumed in the morning for breakfast. Can be added to other fruits or vegetables that are low in calories. So apples can be considered as a substitute for apples. Although the calories are low, apples can help us feel fuller. Your breakfast is also more effective for your health.