Healthy is important in home decor

Besides decorating beautiful home design, you must realize that taking care of your health is not as easy as you think. In addition to keeping yourself from the outside by exercising and eating healthy and nutritious foods, you must also be good at managing your rest time so as not to tire and too powered.

However, you know, there are other factors that can make you get dangerous disease even when you do not realize it. Apparently, the type of plate to eat can also cause dangerous diseases even to the stage of cancer.

The study focused on subjects who were asked to eat hot foods on melamine plates compared to ceramic plates. The result? After three weeks, the respondents who ate the food from the melamine plate more produce 7.99 micrograms of urine.

From the above study it can be concluded that the type of plate is very influential for the quality of your health. Then, what is the most dangerous cause if you are wrong in choosing the type of plate for your family? Let’s know how to home decor the correct kitchen tools.

-Long Term Dangerous Diseases

The most dangerous impact is long-term illness caused by mistakes using plate types. For example, such as fever, asthma, bronchitis, vomiting, cancer even to damage the reproductive performance. Indeed, the disease does not immediately infect you in a short time but over time. If you keep using this type of plate with melamine content, it will be very dangerous for the body.

-Shortness of Breath and Difficulty defecating

Not only long-term illness, but the wrong type plate selection can also trigger the disease that is actually close to you. Have you ever felt the prolonged shortness of breath? Or difficult to defecate? If so, it could be the cause of the type of plate that you use every day. Try to select cutlery as well as safe dishes such as those made of ceramics and avoid hot foods placed on plastic or melamine plates. In addition, you should also choose a kitchen storage area from materials that are safe for health.