How to have healthy fusion everyday even when we are busy?


All the tips mentioned below are things that are quite easy to do, no matter how busy you are. Always remember that your health is more important than your busy life. So, pay attention fully to have a healthy fusion:

– Eat regularly and on time

Your metabolic rate will slow down at night. It is recommended to eat healthy foods before 8pm so that your body has time to process the food you eat and cleanse toxins in your body so you avoid excess weight. Try to always eat regularly

– Take supplements

Regardless of how well you eat healthy foods, no one has perfect nutrition in the body. With an environment that contains many substances that are not good for our body, or stress because work can affect the nutrients in our body. Here are recommended supplements for consumption:

  • Multivitamin or mineral supplements
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Vitamin B complex (to help reduce stress, increase metabolic work and help improve the immune system)
  • Supplements that contain essential fatty acids omega-3 or omega-6
  • Fish oil (to help improve brain work, improve the digestive system, reduce stress, and control appetite)