Free Credit Card is Relatively Safer

Free Credit Card is Relatively Safer
Free Credit Card is Relatively Safer

In addition, free credit card also offer other forms of additional benefits such as cash or cashback, various purchase discounts, free annual dues, special points, and many others. The incentive program offered by this credit card issuer is based on the amount of purchase you make, the more purchases the more benefits you can make.

Many credit card issuing companies also offer low interest rates for newly proposed and approved credit cards in certain periods, such as the first year. This offer allows you to move your old credit card balance from to a lower interest credit card, or often referred to as a transfer balance

It is Relatively Safer

Although not free from the risk of being stolen and abused, unlike cash that if stolen or lost can be directly used by anyone, credit cards are relatively more secure. If your credit card is stolen or lost and you immediately report the loss to the credit card issuer, then your credit card lost can be directly blocked so that anyone will not be able to use the credit card is lost and you are also protected from misuse of the credit card.

It Gives Additional Protection for Purchases

Most credit card issuing companies or banks are usually willing to help you in case of problems or disputes around purchasing a product. If the seller is not willing to take back a defective or unsatisfactory product, you may try contacting your credit card issuer, provided your credit card company does offer the protection facility in question. Things like this are not possible if you buy goods in cash.

There are also credit cards that provide warranty or additional insurance for items purchased, beyond the warranty period provided by the seller. If an item you purchased with a credit card becomes damaged after the vendor’s warranty period is up, you can try contacting the credit card company to see if they can afford it.