The fleur de lis home improvement ideas

Bored with the spatial homes that only that one design? It’s time to redecorate the house. No need to worry, changing the home decor does not mean we have to buy a new set of furniture. Or repaint the wall. By reducing or adding one element in the room, we can already bring a new atmosphere in the room. You may try fleur de lis home d├ęcor.

Tips to change the home decoration are perfect for you who are busy throughout the week, and only have a day on weekends to clean or rearrange the house. So be cool, we will not complicate you.

1.Replace the curtains. Try changing your plain curtains with a patterned curtain. Choose large or small motifs to suit your taste. What if you do not like the crowded motifs, like the curtains in this picture? Basically, changing home decor is like a child playing home-home. We must be confident to try many new things to create a new atmosphere at home.

2. Install or remove the carpet .Be it big or small carpets, both can bring in another atmosphere in the room. Customize the color of the carpet with the color of the sofa or wall color. Or do the opposite, ie remove the carpet that for years already laid in the living room or family room. Does your room look different now after follow above home improvement ideas?