The Concept of Climbing the Mountain

By | June 3, 2017

Mountain climbing is an activity that anyone, whether male, female, children, and elderly can do it. Of course mountain climbing activities need special preparation, usually the mountain climbing paradigm is we are in the wild, in a place that is not commonly inhabited by humans.

Below are some tips for beginner climber and experienced climbers also. Mountain climbing activities are not just limited to trekking activities, take photographs at the top, then go down back to base camp. But there is a value that we can take which is the meaning of: living the paradigm of life, which means that in climbing the mountain we certainly want to get to the top despite going through various trials. This paradigm is similar to our true concept of life. In life, we want to reach the peak of life like a good career, high school, glorious achievement. Of course to achieve all that we will pass obstacles and trials. By climbing the mountain, we will understand this is the micro of our life in the real world.

In addition, many lessons we can take from mountain climbing such as withholding selfishness, teamwork, tolerance, mental and physical training.

Climbing the mountain is one of the hobby that increasingly popular and much-loved. Mountain climbing activities, like other outdoor activities, are always full of challenging, sometimes even extreme adventures.

Because of that, before making the climb, every climber must make a good preparation. Do not let activities that aim to gain experience and self-satisfaction this result that is detrimental to self climbers and nature. Get a good preparation then enjoy your mountain climbing activities well.