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New looks of Toyota 2018 car models

Toyota officially presents a new looks of the 2018 car models which are All New Rush 2018. After a dozen years of work, this new time Rush get a refresher means even take off the impression of a boxy form that has been attached.

But there are some who question, why the genre Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has been carried Rush looks shifting, flavored Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Even the style that is considered to be trying to take market Xpander, MPV taste SUV. Related to this Toyota Astra Motor dismissed him.

Toyota 2018 Car Models

Executive General Manager of TAM, said Rush is still a car that carries the SUV segment. “Customer has a choice, well there is a segment respectively. For this Rush we see baseball need to follow-up is (Xpander), we have to serve the customer a real SUV So if there is a change left-right, whether it will hit, yes back again customers have a choice, “he said , on the sidelines of the launch of All New Rush 2018, in Jakarta, Thursday, November 23, 2017.

He admitted Xpander does have a stylish form, such as that carried the latest Rush now. But all back to consumers, because Toyota just wants to multiply the choice for the community.

“I imagine the market has a lot of options, but the direction of the design direction is different.If Xpander look more stylish, there are more conventional but also functional, that’s Avanza.”

The presence of Mitsubishi Xpander on the market recognized Toyota did not make the Avanza unsteady. Although carrying a simpler design than Xpander, but the sale of the Avanza is said to remain stable.

Toyota mentions, Avanza monthly sales are still in the figure of 10 thousand units with model 1.3 manual transmission as the best-selling type.


Car rental is the right option

Car rental is the right option

Car rental is the right option

Car rental is the right option if you want a vacation with family in the hometown. But before hiring, there are some tips that you need to pay attention to.
When the flow back and forth, bring your own vehicle to the hometown can be very tiring. Therefore, many travelers who use public transportation services then rent a car in their hometown.
But before renting a car, there are some things you need to consider. Not a few people are exposed to deceit when renting a car. For example, you incur extra unusual charges for excess rental time. There is also a sudden found damage to the body of the car and asked us to replace it, but we drive safely.
Therefore, first search for a reliable car rental and proven to be honest. You can look it up on the internet; usually car rentals that have their own site can be trusted. If not, ask your friends or relatives who live in the city. Ask for their recommendations about a secure car hire.
Vacation period; car rental must be targeted by many tourists. Therefore it is better you order far in advance. But know in advance, the exact date you will rent a car at

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Advantage and Disadvantage of Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier

One of the problems that is quite complicated when going home using private cars is to organize luggage. Not infrequently carrying goods with comfort in the car cabin becomes a dilemma problem for travelers. Especially for cars that do not have a special luggage space such as sedans, carrying goods needs go back to the hometown very inconvenient. When all goods enter the cabin, means comfort will be reduced. Vice versa, if the congenital is reduced or not taken at all by best rooftop cargo carrier.

At times like this use a best rooftop cargo carrier and roof box in the car to be one way that makes sense, in addition to using a tarpaulin and tie it. However, the inappropriate use of roof rack will add to the problem. Leisure homecoming will be messy, even unsafe.

Therefore, understanding the function, type, capacity, and advantages and disadvantages of best rooftop cargo carrierto be selected is a must do. While there are still two weeks more before Al-Fitr Celebration, you can weigh it. So what should be considered? Here is the explanation modification department of Astra Motor’s dropout. Choose the right type of roof rack material. In general, the roof rack on the market is offered in two types of materials used. Each is of steel and aluminum material. Models made of steel have a stronger advantage. But this type weighs heavier. Of course this will affect the roof, so if the car body is not strong enough to be dangerous because the volume or quantity of goods carried is also limited. Meanwhile, the model is made of aluminum lighter. However, this type is not recommended to hold goods that are too heavy.Choose the right shape, there are two forms of roof rack that is currently circulating in the market. First, the two sides, namely the connection of pipes on the front and rear mounted parallel across the roof of the car. Second, four sides, namely on the front and rear as well as the left and right sides form a rectangle. Four-sided racks provide protection and maintain higher stability of goods. But this type has limited capacity and less flexible loading of goods.

The additional tipsĀ about Best Car Rooftop :