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Tips Learning to play video games

Choosing or learning to play video games gsekai can make some unfamiliar people become overwhelmed. Fortunately the number of choices that too much also means almost certainly there are games that you like. With a little guidance and advice, you can start exploring the virtual world in no time.

-Choose your platform. Playing video games no longer requires only a high-performing console or computer. Today there are many quality games available for laptops, older computers, smart phones, or tablets. Try trying each platform before you spend money on buying a console or improving the performance of your computer:

-Check the rating of the game. Game rating systems vary by country. But explanations for each of these systems should be available in the box or game box, or online.

-Read the system requirements. If you use a console, you should be able to play any game that is destined for the console. But for computer games, you need to find out your computer’s specifications and check it with the requirements of the games you want to play (usually available in the box or online). There are usually two lists of requirements listed:

-“Required” is a list of minimum requirements. If you cannot meet the requirements of this list at all, do not buy the game. If you can meet the requirements but are sober, the game will be slow and does not look as good as in the trailer or screenshots in the box or online.

-“Recommended” is a list that if fulfilled will allow your game to run with a shorter loading time, without lag or visual errors, and better graphical settings.

-Watch a review video. Right now, gaming is a huge business, and the game play of a game sometimes fails to meet its marketing expectations and expectations. Find at least one review of the games you will buy before actually purchasing them for an expensive price. It would be great if you get his review in the form of video so you can actually see his game play directly.

Follow iPhone Giveaway Event Online

Seemed that each year iPhone always launch the new series of their product. In 2017, iPhone X has gained the attention of every technology users. The slimmer size of the phone with the wider screen, it is said to be very attractive and had the better function. Especially with the storage capacity bigger than the previous series, no wonder many people have waited for this series, even before it launched. While after this series had just launched, the market reported that it can be sold quickly in flash. In that case, it will decrease your possibility to get this series. However, if you carefully seek for the iPhone giveaway, you can have a chance to win new series of iPhone in free.

There are many parties which held the event iPhone giveaway. The event will give you chance to win the new series of this product in free. However, each event had different rule and way. One example is sometimes certain mart gave their costumer coupon to win iPhone, but the customer should shop in certain amount. In example a mart set minimum $50 to get the iPhone coupon, then if you purchase items in that store less than that amount, you won’t get any coupon. In fact, it is their way to collect the amount of money, so that they can buy you the new iPhone.

However, like mentioned before that each iPhone giveaway event will be different based on the event holder. Mostly you can grab this winning chance by purchasing certain product or shopping in certain store. While if you find some quizzes online, there also the possibility to win it, but remember the chance could be so low. That because internet is the free and easy way to access, which means that you will compete with internet users from all over the world. In addition, don’t forget to check the website, and don’t easily get trust to any kind of quizzes, since sometimes it just a fraud.

Applications for Android Games Cheat

If you hear from the title of course from my post this time I will review a little about 3 useful application for Android Games Cheat and I very recommend to be used when hack game and application in android. Why do I strongly advise you to use it? Because I think these three applications classified can be used even a few applications that use high-level protection. But these three applications have their respective roles and advantages. What are its role and its advantages?

Applications for Android Games Cheat

Let us both see the explanation below:

  1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one application that has the utility to upgrade the version that was demo / free to be full version. The workings of this application are to remove the license that was required us to make a payment, and then replace it with full version without we have to pay it. In other words we upgrade the regular version to the pro / full version without needing to pay it again. In addition, Lucky Patcher also can remove existing ads that often interfere with our comfort.

  1. Freedom

This one app that I think is the most powerful app because this application is able to hack the game or the intended application by way of fooling payment offered by Google play store. The point is we can freely buy anything from games or applications that use Google payment or in app purchase. If successful there will usually be a description of FreeCard xxx- [4 digit number], and if unsuccessful payment will as usual give two options. Namely, Add Credit Card and Redeem Code.

  1. SB Game Hacker

The latter application is an application that plays a role to edit the value (number) that exists in the game or application such as the amount of gold / money / cash, score, point and others as we like. In other words this application is the application Cheat Engine android version. Just like Cheat Engine for PC, SB Game Hacker also has advantages that do not exist in other cheat applications, namely Speed ​​Hack. Speed ​​Hack function is that we are free to slow or accelerate the speed of the game being played.

And so here I can tell you all. Use the three applications above wisely, not to excessive. Love the Publisher who painstakingly publish it, and dear developers who have laboriously made it with the sweat and energy they throw away to be able to create games or apps that we use. Hopefully my tips are useful for you all.

Supercell Announce New Game of Mobile Legends Competitors!

One of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies, Supercell, has just announced a new game called Brawl Stars which also written on this website. Who are mobile game enthusiasts but do not know who Supercell is? The company that made the legendary game Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Hackhas just announced their latest game called Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars is game 3 against 3 (3v3) in an arena. The goal is simple, work with your teammates and get crystal from your opponent as much as possible. This game is practically a MOBA game (Massive Online Battle Arena) with the design and visual Supercell typical.

In fact, one of the largest international media, Forbes, mention that this game has similarities with the famous game in Indonesia is Dota 2 and League of Legends. Not to forget because this game is a smartphone game, it can be concluded that this is a competitor Mobile LegendsClash Royale Hack.

Will Supercell dominate the fight against other MOBA games that are on for smartphones? Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay. Through a tournament event organized by Supercell, we see some famous names that have previously been involved in other Supercell games like Chiefpat, Galadon, and Nickatnyte.

In the hour-long video, it appears that each team first chooses the hero they want to use. Then they fight for as many crystal or gems as they appear continuously in the center of the map. However, the opposing team will not be that easy to give an opportunity to take it alias you have to fight to fight it. Just like any other MOBA such Clash Royale Hack, each hero has their own special abilities.

You can upgrade each hero with the prizes you get when you play. There are even attractive skins for each hero. The modes are Smash & Grab mode. There are three other modes: Bounty (Collect stars as much as possible by defeating your opponent), Heist (Destroy the opponent’s protected box or keep your own box from destruction. You have only a few minutes), Showdown (10 players put in one arena, who became the player who stood the ultimate winner).

Two Best Way for Clash Royale Hack

Two Best Way for Clash Royale HackClash Royale or CR is one of the android strategic game, this game is developed by supercell and has the same basic game with COC or Clash of Clans.

To download and play this games is free, but unfortunately some items in the Clash Royale game must be purchased using real money, so it would be too bad if we use some budget just for the sake of buying Clash Royale items.

Therefore, there are some Clash Royale hack which will help player to obtain Gold without purchasing. There are two best methods to cheat in Clash Royale which is played by android, first is by guardian game and second using the lucky Patcher. This is actually an old hacking technique that many people may not know about.

The first Clash Royale hack is using the Guardian Game. First, you need to download the application of Clash Royale 2017, then continue by downloading the Game Guardian Application 2017, but note that your android cell phone should be rooted first. Then, run the installed Game Guardian and afterward minimize it. Then continue by opening Clash Royale apps and then enter to “Create Clan” menu. In that stage player need to have 1,000 coins, but we don’t have that.

Then click the Game Guardian again and in the menu you should choose Clash Royale game, and then click the “Known” button, and then type 1,000 and click search. Next will appear click data option and select DWORD, then select options and click “edit selected.” Change or change the Value to be the number 0 then you select yes, if successful then the background display shows that the price make clan only by 0 coins. After that please close and then you make clans with 0 coins or free.

The second Clash Royale hack is using the lucky Patcher. After downloading the application, then run it, and click the Clash Royale option. If it is already open please select Suport Patch For App and LVL Emulation, check and then select Apply.Wait until the process succeeds, if successful it will look like SS below. Run CR game that has been successfully hacked earlier, enter the store to be able to buy Coin / Money, Gold or other paid items. Notification will appear and please checklist in the Save Purchase For Restore then select Yes.