2 Tips for Baby to Have Good Sleep

What is a good and right sleep position for the baby? Position can be selected depending on the condition of the baby so that he/she sleeps soundly and good for the health and growth of the baby. 1. The Prone Position Sleeping on his stomach is debatable. The risk of danger is more common in […]

7 Tips to Wash Clothing

Washing clothes is a common thing done by people to make clean and fragrant clothes, so it can be used again. If you want better results and cleaner and more sure then you should wash the clothes manually with your hand. How to wash clothes well and correctly? 1. Do not get too long soak […]

6 Tips to Save the Budget while Traveling

Having a hobby for traveling could be a little bit costly. But of course, it is very difficult for not traveling. If you have tight budget, it very important to set the plan for the budget to satisfy the hobby. Fortunately planning a trip can be also fitted to your budget. It depends on how […]