7 Tips to Wash Clothing

Washing clothes is a common thing done by people to make clean and fragrant clothes, so it can be used again. If you want better results and cleaner and more sure then you should wash the clothes manually with your hand. How to wash clothes well and correctly?

1. Do not get too long soak your clothes in the detergent bath
If you are too long soak your shirt in the detergent liquid screen printing on your shirt will quickly be damaged. But if your shirt uses screen printing, then try if you soak the clothes into your detergent baths not to exceed the 30 minute number for fear it will happen.

2. Separate white color and other colors clothing
In washing t-shirts you try to separate first between the white fabric with shirts that use other colors such as green, yellow, red and others. Because the colored T-shirts are feared can be faded and splash into your white shirt.

3. Do not use hard brush
When you wash your shirt try not to use a hard brush to brush the shirt you wash, because it can damage the screen printing on your shirt. Here we further recommend if your shirt is not too dirty you just wash slowly

4. Dry Clothing Reversely
After you wash your t-shirt, try to dry your clothes by reversing it beforehand this is done because if we dry the shirt with the condition is not reversed the color of our shirts will quickly fade then of that when we hang our shirts should be dried upside down because it will avoid direct sunlight.

5. Do not use hanger when drying
In drying try also you do not use hanger to hang your shirt because hanger can make your shirt become wide or stretched.

6. Avoid Bleach
Try to avoid the use of bleach to wash your shirts, because bleach will very quickly make the color of your shirts fade because bleach basically contains very high chemical substances. Even if you have to use bleach to remove stains on your white t-shirts. You should use cotton buds or usually known as ear cleaners to apply bleach to your t-shirt. This is done so that bleach is not about the other parts that are not stained.

7. Avoid using washing machine if possible
In a good washing try to avoid the use of washing machine, because washing the washing machine has very much not good impact. We recommend you to wash your clothing manually or by hand only. Because if we use our hands will be easier to control itself and of course we can still be careful in washing it. Unlike if you use a washing machine, because the washing machine is a machine that only focuses on cleaning it is not in taking care of clothing.