2 Tips for Baby to Have Good Sleep

By | June 3, 2017

What is a good and right sleep position for the baby? Position can be selected depending on the condition of the baby so that he/she sleeps soundly and good for the health and growth of the baby.

1. The Prone Position
Sleeping on his stomach is debatable. The risk of danger is more common in babies who sleep on their stomach.

But there is literature that says that babies feel more comfortable and sleep soundly, breathing and movement development better. It could be because the baby feels like being cuddled or warm because the stomach attaches to the mattress.

You can choose this position if he/she feels comfortable sleeping soundly, but must be kept under surveillance to prevent if her baby’s mouth or nose is covered with something that may block her breathing.
Stomach can also make the baby’s head shape to be better.

2.Right Side Position
Sleeping on the right side is preferred by premature babies, especially babies who drink using a hose or still use breathing apparatus. The purpose of this sloping sleep so that the process of emptying the stomach easier.
This position is most common for infants aged 0-3 months, he/she has not been able to roll his body, and this position is the safest sleep position, only if the baby’s head will be flat on the back because it is constantly depressed.

You can choose the sleeping position your baby loves, if he/she feels comfortable and can sleep well. If you want a good head, the baby does not have to sleep on his tummy, babies can be onto tummies when waking up and are in a fun atmosphere and then play, can be done a few minutes or hours a day during the supervision of the mother.

If the bed is tilted, its position is set so that it does not face one direction continuously, do it alternately face to the right or left